Soeur Pech Menel

Two sisters who protect the exceptional environment of their vineyard and produce elegant and refined wines, as intense and authentic as their Terroir.


The Domaine de Pech-Menel is perched on an out-crop, a short distance from the village of Quarante. A sinuous track climbs the slopes leading up to the property. The site is rich in relics (dolmen, villas, pottery, weapons, tools) dating from antiquity. Built around 1720, part of the buildings housed the “Quarante” monks’s flock of sheep and most likely a cellar, since there is evidence of viticulture at that time.


The property extends over 55 ha, of which 20 ha are today planted with vines. It is located at the heart of the garrigues, at varying altitude. The vegetation is typical to the Languedoc region, comprising a mixture of woodland (pines and kernel oaks) and scrub (gorse, thyme, lavender, rosemary, cyst, strawberry-tree).


“Born on the domain itself, each inch of its 55 acres holds no secrets for us since our early childhood. We have known herds of goats partaking in “tranhumance” between the Languedoc and Andorra, labor horses and wooden press vintages transported on a cart pulled by those horses.”